Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Wishes (20)

I love Wednesday Wishes. I get to put together everything that I have drooled over for the past week!

Love much heirloom necklace. I would love a necklace with mine and Chris' names on it, and this one is just adorable.

Nude Pumps. Wait, I just ordered these : )

Pride and Prejudice. After two years of barely-having-enough-time-to-sleep-because-I-am-so-busy, I have rediscoverd my love for reading the past few months. And I would love to buy all the Penguin Classic editions because they are just gorgeous.


  1. Love love love your wishes! I've been drooling over some nude heels too, and the necklace is super adorable. <3

  2. Just stopping by for Wednesday Wishes! I love love love that necklace! :)