Hi there, I'm Ashley, and I am a 22 year old wife and mother.
I started this blog in 2010 as a way to document my journey as a newlywed entering military life. I write a little bit about everything- my life as a stay at home mom to my baby boy, ecofriendly tips, recipes, fashion, and whatever else inspires me!
I grew up in the hot desert of Phoenix, Arizona and never really minded the heat until I got away from it. I used to be a runner (even in 110 degree weather) until struggling with health issues. I love thoroughbred horses- my family has been involved in horse racing since before I was born and I owned a thoroughbred named Ollie for 5 years. I'm currently attending National University to get my degree in Business with a specialization in finance so that I can be a financial advisor once my son starts school. I'm a complete perfectionist and type-A personality, so I get stressed out really easily and try to control even the things that are out of my hands. On my down time (when I allow myself) I love to drink coffee, read Jodi Picoult novels, and watch old episodes of Desperate Housewives (it has only taken me four years to get through two seasons!).
Luckily, I have an amazing family to keep me grounded. My husband is the most warm-hearted person I know and supports me in so many ways. We got married in March of 2011, after dating for a short 10 months. He is an OS in the Navy; we have been stationed in San Diego for the past three years and have been through quite a few long underways and one deployment. After being diagnosed with endomtreiosis at the begining of 2011, we started praying about wanting a child and welcomed our son into the world in October of 2012. My life has completely changed since becoming a mother, and I have been blessed with the sweetest little boy. We also have a four year old chion named Jack, who does his best to stay away from his brother. I absolutely adore my boys.
I also did an intro post here. I would love if you stuck around and checked out some of my posts. Feel free to contact me!