Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reasons I Love Myself


Yesterday was my 24th birthday..Twenty four.. In honor of my birthday, and the 12x30 love challenge, here are 24 things I love about myself!

I love my...
1. petite frame- I'm putting this one at the top because I've struggled with whether I love this characteristic of mine or not, but at the end of the day it is part of what makes me who I am. 
2. long hair
3. intelligence 
4. stubbornness.
5. need to protect those I care about. 
6. motherly instincts
7. perfectionism
8. shyness around new people. 
9. good listening skills 
10. fast metabolism 

I love that I...
11. chose to marry my best friend at 19
12. chose to have a child when I was 21
13. took time off of school to figure my life out and ended up going back for the degree I originally planned for
14. am content being a stay at home mom
15. am willing to go back to work to help save for our dream home
I love that I can...
16. Bake
17. Cook
18. Meal plan and somewhat coupon
19. Manage my family's finances
20. Act like I know what I am doing in the gym
21. Sew
22. Ride a horse
23. Play cars, trucks, and superheroes
24. Make any 'owie' better with a single kiss

What do you love about yourself?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The End of the Year is Full of New Beginnings

Last month, I completed all of my goals. I spent every day with family and friends, fit in gym time, and planned our trip/move.
This month, my goals are simple: get unpacked, enjoy christmas time, and get settled into our new home/city. I have survived a 3 1/2 hour flight alone with a toddler, two weeks couped up in a hotel room, two six hour road trips, and moving into a new house. I'm still in the process of unpacking, but we finally got a Christmas tree and pulled out the decorations so it's starting to feel like home. I'm so relieved to have survived our cross country move from California to Tennessee. The past two months have been so exhausting and I am so ready to be settled into our new home!

It's the end of the year, but it is such a new beginning for my family and I.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November Goals


1. Buy plane tickets and reserve hotel
2. Find a house
3. Spend time with family
4. Go to the gym 3x a week

At the end of this month, Caden and I will be flying to Florida to spend a few days with Chris before he graduates from recruiting school. Then we will be making the drive to our new home for the next three years- Murfreesboro, TN! So this month I need to get things in order to make that happen, while making time for my family and the gym. This month is definitely bittersweet. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goodbye SD

Where have I been the past month or so? Well, a lot of it has been spent in a car, and in other people's houses, and anywhere except our home.

We officially left San Diego on October 1st, but we have been non-stop since we first got on the road so I literally have not had one chance to blog since then. We have spent the past month trying to split time between both of our families and our friends, take time for ourselves, and plan Caden's birthday party.

So far, I don't miss San Diego. We scratched most of the things off of our bucket list during our last month there. Thank goodness we decided to let the Navy move us instead of packing ourselves, because we wouldn't have had time to do things like Disneyland, a final trip to all of our favorite restaurants, and a tour of Chris's ship. It has been fun being back in our hometown for the past month (and I still have one more here), but I am so excited to take on another adventure with my little family. Chris left this morning for a month long recruiting school in Pensacola, FL, and it was still just as hard to say goodbye. Caden tried to hold the car door open so his Daddy wouldn't be able to leave, and it was impossible for me to hold back the tears. I know he doesn't understand what is going on, but it breaks my heart to know that Chris will miss so many moments with his son. But this separation is the first step towards having our family together for three years straight!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bucket List

When my husband and I first moved to San Diego a little over three years ago, I made a list of the top 5 things I wanted to do while we lived here. We did scratch two of those things off, but the rest was either too far away (and we have had enough six+ hour drives over the past three years) or not child friendly. It's funny how much that list changed when I started on our new bucket list a few months ago. So in our last two months here, we are really cracking down on our new list!

One last trip to..
1. Disneyland. Caden was too young to enjoy it the first time, and after watching how much Caden adored Elmo at Seaworld and the USO tour, we really want to take him to see the toy story characters!
2. The beach. My california baby hates the sand, but I want to give it one last shot now that he is a little older. And to think, one day he will be begging me to go to the beach.
3. San Diego Zoo. We haven't gone since Caden was born!
4. Del Mar Racetrack. We have gone every summer to see the Classic, so we already crossed this one off last weekend.
5. Our favorite restaurants and coffee shops. Work in progress!
6. The outlet mall. Las Americas Premium Outlets will surely be missed, so we need to go one more time! We need winter clothes after all...
7. Balboa Park. We have been here quite a few times and have visited all the museums, but it is one amazing park!

And a few first trips to..
8. The olympic training center. (Chris).
9. A polo match (Me).

And a first trip together to..
10. The bars in Gaslamp! Chris and I have only gone out to an actual bar together twice, once to a local bar and once while we were visiting family and friends in AZ. I got pregnant a month after my 21st birthday and four months before Chris's, and we don't have family here in Cali to watch our son while we go out, so we just don't. We have each been to a few of the bars in Gaslamp separately with friends, but never together.. So we are excited for my mom to babysit one night while she is visiting us next week!

I don't know if we will have time to do all of this in one month along with packing and all the other appointments and items we have on our to-do list, but I am going to try! I don't want to have any regrets when we move. I can't wait to see what my bucket list will be for Tennessee!

Have you ever made a bucket list before moving somewhere new?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals

1. Pack.
2. Clean.
3. Move.
4. Finish our San Diego bucket list.

With just 30 days until we move, that is all I will have to focus on this month!

August Goals
1. Try a class at the gym. Fail. I hurt my knee and then my back two weeks later, and I'm still not able to workout much.
2. Sell all of my textbooks back. Fail. My printer is having issues with the brand new ink cartridge I bought, so I need to get that taken care of first.
3. Work ahead in my class so that I can have the last week of September to focus on beginning to pack. Mostly Success. We mostly enjoyed the last weekend out of the house, but we did start packing.
4. Consignment stores/Goodwill. Mostly success.
5. Scratch something off our San Diego Bucket List. Success! We saw the classic at Del Mar!
Monthly Goals

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Tot

A few months ago, Caden got so sick that we were praying and worrying about our little man around the clock. It was stressful enough to worry about him being able to breath, but on top of everything else, I was struggling to find something that Caden would eat. In desperation, I went down the baby aisle of the grocery store and filled my shopping cart with fun snack items that I thought might entice my sicky to eat. Nothing kept his attention for more than a few bites, but then I found an organic fruit and veggie pouch that I had been given out when the Happy Family visited our Gymboree class. He sucked down the whole darn thing, even though he couldn't breath through his nose. So, I ran back to the grocery store and stocked up on organic fruit pouches with veggies, yogurt and grains.

I have to say, Happy Family gave this mama peace of mind when I was at my wits end. Their products are still a favorite in our house, and they have even helped during other battles.. Like when Caden suddenly had an issue with texture and stopped eating any and all fresh fruit. Or when his back molars started coming through, and he refused to eat all his favorite foods. Or when I can't seem to figure out how to get the texture of my homemade pouches right!

Does your child become a super picky eater when they are sick or teething? What do you do to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need to get better?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grocery shopping part 2

Last week, I wrote a post about a lady whose comment about how young I looked turned into a meaningful conversation in the middle of the grocery store.

The day after I wrote it, I had a complete opposite experience at the grocery store. I was shopping at the commissary, and some lady walked by me and said, 'Oh! The tiniest woman in the world!" I thought that she couldn't possibly be talking to me, but when I looked up, she said, "You are so cute!" I just stared at her as she walked by, dumbfounded that this stranger actually made such a comment to me. I'm used to people telling me that I'm small, skinny, young looking, whatever, but I've never had anyone call me the tiniest woman in the world, and I've never had another woman call me cute like that.

As I walked to the checkout line, a million responses went through my head:

Have you ever seen Little Women: LA?
My husband doesn't think I'm 'cute'
Do I look like a little girl pushing a doll in a stroller?

But I just gave her the 'look' because some people aren't worth it. I'm going to go shine my trophy for being the "tiniest woman in the world" now.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Is that your son?

A few weeks ago, I was grocery shopping with my son. We were in the store for five minutes before some random lady at the grocery store asked me, "Is that your son?" I was a little irritated by her question, but she was smiling at Caden, so I gave her a simple yes. I started looking through the steaks when she told me how young I looked. I'm used to people saying things like this- it's amazing how many people just can't keep their mouths shut. Usually, I ignore their remarks, but for some reason, probably because she was forward enough to mention my son, I told her my age- "I'm 23." I thought that would shut her up, but instead she smiled and said, "Good for you. Better to have kids young so you have the energy to chase after them. It's so tiring when your my age." I don't remember what my response was, but I felt guilty that I had judged this lady by thinking she was judging me. Somehow, we started talking and I told her that the reason I had my son so young was because I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. She said, "So do I," and told me her story- she had waiting a few years after she got married to start trying for a baby and was diagnosed after not being able to conceive. It took her 17 years of trying before she had her child, but she never gave up.

I don't normally open up to people I'm close to, much less a stranger, but there I was, in the meat isle of the super market, connecting with a woman about this disease that had changed both of our lives in such very different ways.

When she walked away, she told me she was happy for me, and I believed it. What a crazy feeling to know that this stranger is genuinely happy for me to have something that took her so long to get. I'm happy for her too, and thankful that she connected with me to remind me of how blessed I truly am.

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Goals


August is here, which means my husband will soon be also! In the mean time, here are my goals.

1. Try a class at the gym.
2. Sell all of my textbooks back.
3. Work ahead in my class so that I can have the last week of September to focus on beginning to pack.
4. Consignment stores/Goodwill.
5. Scratch something off our San Diego Bucket List.

1. Finish one sewing project. Fail. I put my sewing machine away before we had company at the beginning of the month, and I never found the time to even pull it out again.
2. Try a new lunch recipe. Ehh. Does making steak tacos with leftover steak count as a new recipe since I never eat that for lunch?
3. Drink water with my meal at least 2x a week. Success! For the most part, I've started drinking water with at least one meal a day. I've also cut down on the afternoon caffeine.
4. Declutter. I'd say this was a sorta success. I cleaned out Caden's closet and reorganized and repacked all of his clothes that we are saving in case we have another boy. I did a few things here and there but there is still so much to do!
5. Consignment stores. Another somewhat success. I made it to one childrens consignment store, but the Goodwill box is still in my bedroom until Hubs comes home.

Monthly Goals

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

5 reminders that I do love myself

At first, I was going to opt out of today's prompt, to list five things that I love about myself. But then I realized that every woman needs reminders like this every once in a while, myself included. So here are the five things I love about myself:

1. My size. I'm 5' and 90 pounds. With all the skinny-shaming in the media lately, this is a love that I need to remind myself of every so often.

2. My baking skills. I love baking and making things from scratch, and I'm pretty good at it if I do say so myself.

3. My hair. Besides a short stint in elementary school, I've had long hair my entire life, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I'm especially loving my hair since I started the no-poo method earlier this month!

4. My perfectionism. I won't go so far as to say that I love my type-A personality, but I do love that I am a perfectionist. My husband might beg to differ though.

5. My maternal instincts. It's not easy being a mother, but it continuously amazes me that I have these maternal instincts that kick in whenever I need them.

What do you love about yourself? Do you ever remind yourself of these loves?

Monday, July 28, 2014


Last Thursday, I went to the first meeting of a women's bible study at my church. As we were going around introducing ourselves, one of the women told the group that her husband was leaving that day for a seven month deployment. She also told us that the emotions hadn't hit her or her three year old son just yet. As a fellow navy wife, my heart went out to her. But I could also see that she had a strength that I didn't have.


My husband recently left for an underway that will last a few weeks. The day before he left I cried three times for really no reason at all. First, because my son had been whining and screaming for an hour. Second, because my husband told me he needed to go get a haircut. Third, because my husband told me he understood that I wasn't feeling well and about how much he loved me. All silly reasons to cry, right? On the morning I dropped him off, I wiped away a tear as I drove away. A completely normal reaction. But the next morning, I woke up missing my husband something terrible. And I cried. Three times throughout the day, again. I walked around the next few days with a pit in my stomach and a fog over my head.

I've realized that there were many things leading up to this emotional disaster I've been experiencing the past few days. My husband just got back from a long underway earlier this month. My mom flew in two days before he left and flew back the day before he got home. So even though that underway was the same length of time as this one, it went by much quicker because I was enjoying the time I got to spend with my mom after not seeing her for six months. Chris and I got a whole two days together before my nephew got here to spend a week with us. The next weekend, my in-laws came for a jam-packed visit. We spent the entire two and a half weeks we had between underways pleasing other people, and then on the weekend that we were supposed to have with just our little family, we had to have another visitor show up. Not only did Aunt Flow bring the hormones, but cramps that were more painful than I've delt with in months. And then all of a sudden, my husband was gone before I had the time to swallow the fact that he was leaving.

So when I ran into the woman from my bible study at the gym, I immediately walked up to her and asked how she was doing. I thought she might need some support, and also I wanted to know I wasn't alone in my misery. But you know what she said? "It still hasn't hit me yet."

Granted, it may hit her like a ton of bricks a month from now, but that's neither here nor there. The point is that my husband is only gone for a fraction of the time that hers is, and I'm the one crying every day like my world is ending. It made me take a look at myself and change my perspective. I need to look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. I get the car everyday to do exactly what I want, and Caden is getting to do all kind of fun things because of it.

I might have to deal with every tantrum and every diaper change.
I might have to lug the dog/toddler down and up the stairs 3/2 times a day.
I might have to take the trash out everytime it gets full, and cook every meal, and wash every dish.
I might have to wake up every time my son cries in the middle of the night and super early in the am.
I might have to help my toddler up the stairs while carrying heavy groceries after every shopping trip.

But I get every kiss and hug that my son wants to give.
I get to kiss every boo-boo and wipe away every tear before having his head lay on my shoulder.
I get to spend quality time with my son every day for weeks. Just the two of us
I get to feel what its like to truly miss someone.
I get to appreciate all of the things that my husband does for our family.
I get to fall in love with my husband all over again once he gets home.


Friday, July 25, 2014

23 monsters

Today is my husband's twenty third birthday, and guess where he is spending it? Out in the middle of the ocean. In the four years that we have been married, I have only gotten to spend one birthday with him.Of course, we celebrated early, but it still stinks being away from each other on the actual day.

Maybe I should have put "23 days of monster energy for every one of the days we have to be apart."

Happy Birthday Babe, wherever you are!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I am currently..

Reading: Besides my finance textbook, I'm slowly reading Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult.
Writing: School takes the cake on this one too. I have a five page report due next Sunday in addition to all the other work I have to do each week.
Listening to: The guy with the weed wacker/ leaf blower that always comes by my apartment during my son's nap time. Every time.
Thinking: Please, don't wake up Caden!
Smelling: Lunch.. Beef and bean burrito with guacamole.
Wishing: The leaf blower would turn around and go the other way. That my house would magically clean itself and my homework would magically get done so that I could take a nap!
Hoping: That I can stay busy but not wear myself out during the next three weeks while my husband is gone.
Wearing: A pink and white zebra print dress that I bought my freshman year for a jungle themed party..
Wanting: My husband to come home and the underway to get cancelled! A girl can wish..
Loving: The vanilla almond cream cheese frosting I made last night for my husband's early birthday cupcakes.
Needing: A nap, followed by caffeine and a pain pill for these darn cramps.


Monday, July 21, 2014

GIF day

Because it's that time of the month, and because I love Jennifer Lawrence gifs, this sums it all up.