Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So excited for next week!

I may not get a spring break myself, but that doesn't mean I can't be excited that my friends do. Especially when they come to visit me on their break.
My two best friends and my college roomie are coming down next Sunday- Wednesday. They aren't coming together, it just so happened that all three of them chose almost the same days. I'm so excited, I miss my friends dearly!
A few years ago, Katey (one of my friends who is coming to visit!) and I went to Cali together on a trip with our high school cross country team, and for a few weeks before, whenever we saw each other we would yell bikinis! So that has started again.
I'm also excited to show off our apartment, which I love. It is nowhere near being done, unfortunately (hey- we are super young newlyweds living off one income!), but I am still proud of what we have. You know what, I think that's worthy of another blog, hah.
So, next week there will probably not be much blogging since I will be busy being a hostess, but I will catch you all up when I can. I'm also having my second ultrasound for my ovarian cyst on Thursday after everyone leaves, so please keep me in your thoughts!

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  1. I will definately keep you in my prayers!!Hope everything turns out ok!