Monday, July 15, 2013

5 for five

I loove to-do lists. Sometimes, I make a daily or weekly list, but mostly, I just add things to a master list on my computer and try to cross something off every day. I had a lot planned for this month, but I'm having a hard time getting as much done as I wanted to, so I'm linking up with Fantasically Average with the five things I want to get done in the next five days.

1. Work on my etsy shop. I've had this idea for about six months but haven't had time to put it into action.
2. Go to the DMV to figure out why our registration is due in August when we bought our car November. Somehow our car was registered two months before we bought it.
3. Clean Caden's toys. He has a lot of hand-me-downs and a radio flyer horse that we got from a consignment store that need to be cleaned before he can play with them.
4. Workout three times a week. I figured this would be the perfect time to get in shape- It is summer (bathing suit season in case you didn't know) and even though we are spending 90% of the month with family, I still thought I would be able to workout since I am taking the month off of school. It's not working out at all, no pun intended. I'm pretty sure I have another cyst, because I have all the same symptoms as before (stabbing pain, cramps, constantly being exhausted), and it really makes it hard to go to workout.
5. Finish reading the book that I started when I was pregnant... or at least read a chapter or two.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


We lost our camera at Disneyland (which they found and are sending it to us for free!) so this is the only picture I have. I was nervous about bringing an 8 month old to Disneyland, but Caden was his normal easy going self, and we had a fun family trip with my sister, nephew, and mom. Caden was a trooper, only getting scared on the Buzz Lightyear ride (hence the reason Chris is the only one shooting), and even napped in his stroller. Plus, we found an awesome Woody hat and piggy bank for Caden's Toy Story room!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear July, I am so happy you are here because of all the plans we have! Dear Family, although I am super excited that I get to spend so much time with you, your really messing with my healthy eating. It's alright though, because I know my mom loves her chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (and I had to make her the new recipe I found for the best chocolate cupcakes in the whole wide world), and it's my sisters birthday so I guess she deserves homemade strawberry shortcake. Dear Disneyland, I'm so excited to visit you! Caden isn't old enough to know what you are so I am excited for the both of us. Dear Caden, You have been so sweet to your Grandma this week. It makes me so happy to have such a sweet loving baby. Dear Husband, Thank you for dealing with my pickiness. Yes, I am a perfectionist. Thank you for loving me despite the fact.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


... is going to be one busy month, full of visitors and visiting!

Today, my cousin and her family are coming to San Diego for the fourth of July like they do every year, but this time they are bringing my mom! She was already planning to come down with my sister, but now we will have her to ourselves for a few days.

On the 8th, my sister is coming down for her birthday trip and to bring my nephew to Disneyland. We weren't going to go since Caden is so young, but I really don't want to miss out on my nephews first visit, so Disneyland here we come!

Everyone is leaving on Wednesday, but we aren't going to be alone long, because that weekend my brother-in-law is driving my other nephew up to spend a whole week with us!

Then, we are driving our nephew back to Arizona and spending the week there for Chris's birthday. Did someone say party and babysitter in the same sentence?

Finally, we will head back home. I couldn't be more excited to spend so much time with my family and friends. I'm even taking the month off of school! (Yes, I do go to school in the summer. But not this summer!)


Monday, July 1, 2013

The night I accidently served raw shrimp..

Friday night, I was trying to make dinner and dessert at the same time in my usual fashion. Before I tell the story, I have to say, in my defense, I was trying to make a new recipe, I was sick, and it had been a while since I ate. Now, on to the good stuff.

Chris, grabbing the shrimp out of the fridge because I told him dinner was ready: Are you sure the shrimp is cooked?
Me: Yeah babe, that's why it is pink.

Chris (eating the shrimp): You can tell these were frozen.
Me: Why?
Chris(flopping the shrimp around): Because they are limp. It's a limp shrimp.
Me: Hm (continue eating)

Me (taking a bite of a shrimp): Ewwww! They are soggy!
Chris: Babe, are you sure these are cooked?
Me (looking at the shrimp and discovering that they are NOT pink): no.

I was so grossed out, but I could not stop laughing about how stupid we both were. I don't know how many times I have cooked shrimp.. Heck, I even told Chris that they were pink when they were in fact grey the whole time I ran cold water over them, stuck them in the fridge, and saw them on the table. Chris even heard me tell him that they were pink as he was looking at them and just believed me. And he ate five of them. It has been a long week.