Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello, Duty Day

Today I am experiencing my first duty day. (Yes, I said my.) Chris was working in the gally for something like 143 days, and just got to his division on Monday. That means he also got a duty section.
Don't get jealous that I went a few months without dealing with duty days- Chris was underway for about 3 months of that.
So anyways, today is duty day/night #1, and I'm not too happy about it, especially after watching a few scary movies... I told Chris last night I was going to go buy a night light haha. Isn't it funny that thinking about scary movies makes me more scared than thinking about an actual intruder coming into the house? I think thats because I have my own gun etc.. and Chris and I have talked quite a few times about what to do if I was in danger.
I need to get me one of those!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 10- Something that upsets you

As I was sitting here trying to think of what to write about, this commercial that came on while my hubby and I were watching tv popped in my head.
It was a commercial for the ASPCA, and they showed animals (looking straight at the camera with very sad eyes) and gave a little description about the abuse they had received. Before it came on, the hubby and I were laughing and talking, but then we went silent for the long commercial.. It was heartbreaking! We were already talking about which charity to donate to this year, so it kind of put it in stone that this year we would do an animal organization.
I love animals. I was the little girl who tried to rescue all of the baby birds and take in all the stray dogs. In fact, I still am that person. The last incident happened when Chris was home on leave after a-school.. We were driving to his mom's house when I saw a little dog (looked kind of like a large chihauhua lol) running down the street, and after a bit of coaxing, we had her in the car. Even though I was driving, I insisted on holding her since she was scared, and after a few minutes, she suddenly stopped shaking, and just relaxed in my arms. We walked around the neighborhood for a good 20 minutes (with her still completely relaxed in my arms) talking to neighbors, and trying to find her home. Finally we figured out whose dog it was and left it with their neighbor.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 9 - Something that you miss

This one is pretty easy; I miss being around horses, and, especially, having my own.
This is Ollie:
I got him the summer before my sophomore year of high school. After about a year of searching, I finally found the perfect horse through a rescue organization.. I handed over the money without even riding him or watching him run, which I knew could be a huge mistake, but somehow I just knew he was the one. And I was right : )
I started working at 15, a few months after I got Ollie. It was about my junior year when my dad stopped paying for the boarding fees, and I had to help my mom. By my senior year, the responsibility was completely on me. And a horse is no way near cheap! Not to mention other bills as well.. In order to make ends meet, I took more hours, even ended up getting a second job.
I thought about selling Ollie, and even put up an ad, but took it down a day later. I didn't have the heart to sell him. It got even harder to afford him in college, but I just couldn't let him go. I'm glad I didn't, because when I got home from school, and Chris went on deployment, my horse and working out were the two things that kept me sane.. I got back into the routine that I had the first year I got my horse.
I sold my horse to a wonderful family about a week before I moved. I miss him like crazy, but I know he is in good hands.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 8 - Your favorite birthday

Honestly, nothing is coming to mind...

It's not that I haven't had any good birthdays, but I just don't have any that really stick out.. So I will talk about last years birthday:
Chris was at bootcamp.. So he wrote me "Happy Birthday" in quite a few of his letters, since he didn't know when I would get them. He also wrote to one of his friends and asked her to call me and tell me happy birthday from him. I thought it was cute. (He sent the same friend money to buy my flowers and take me to a movie on valentines day : ) My two best friends both decided to decorate my dorm-room door, without speaking to each other, so it was done up twice lol. One friend covered my door in sticky notes that had jokes between us on them, and the other friend did balloons and streamers..

They all stayed on my door and the wall for a few months..

That night, my friends took me out to one of my fav restaurants- Oreganos! They have this amazing thing called a pazookie.. Look it up, they are deliciousssss!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 7- Whats in your bag?

I love carrying big bags. Well, medium sized bags.. but since I am 5 ft tall, they tend to look bigger when I carry them. lol.
Going off on a tangent real quick: When Chris first introduced me to all his friends, we met everyone at a hookah bar. The second I walked in, one friend asked me if I was going camping for a few days.. I didn't realize at first that he was making a joke about my purse. Boys.
Ok, I'm back.
So I switch around what bag I carry (doesn't everyone) but I always go back to my coach purse:

Isn't it cute? My sister used to buy designer purses like shoes, and one year she decided to share the love with her baby sister lol.
Anyway, in my purse I usually have my wallet (lime green like the inside of the purse), my white blackberry (I have an obsession with the color white- my past two phones, my laptop, my car, the leather on my purse, an all white purse.. you get the picture), my keys attached to a Navy lanyard (which also has a coach coin purse on it, so I make fun of my hubby when he carries my keys since we only have one car key right now lol), a makeup bag (lip gloss, chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, mirror), advil, bodyspray, and a pocket knife.
I think that about fills my purse up!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 6- Your definition of love

Real love is unconditional.

What does love mean to me?
Love means an overwhelming warm, tingling feeling you get thinking about someone. Theres nothing you can use to compare the feeling of love.

So what is love?
It's loving in good times and in bad; loving the bad things just as much as the good things.
It's wanting to do things for your significant other to make them happy; little and big.
It's being able to talk about anything and always having someone to lean on.
It's wanting to be a better person so that you can make your SO happy as well as yourself.
It's talking and listening, and taking an active role in your relationship.
It's dreaming of your future together, and looking back on all the good times.

Love is amazing thing, and I don't know where I would be without the love of my husband. He is patient and kind, and loves me in all the ways that he can. He is my definition of love.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5- your first love

Can I say my first horse?
Ok, seriously...
Let me start by saying that I don't believe that your first love is necessarily true love.
Neither is your first real relationship.
My freshman year in high school, I dated a senior whom I met on the cross country team. Although he was a nice guy, he was constantly putting me down.. telling me that I was immature because I was so much younger than him, and making me feel like I wasn't good enough. I know I wasn't immature, I have always been way too mature for my age, but what I didn't realize at the time was that I was naive. There was an adrenaline rush from being the girl who was dating the older guy, but something didn't feel right. When he left for college, he broke up with me, and honestly, I was relieved.
A few months later, halfway through my sophomore year, one of my guy friends brought a new guy to church.. and we hit it off right away. I guess I'd say he was my first love. I always wanted to date the quarterback, and I loved being the envy of all the girls in our church group. We were officially together for about a year and a half, and unofficially for about 6 months after our breakup. We definitely had our good times, but we also had a lot of bad ones. Everyone has different definitions of cheating, but in my opinion, he cheated. That was just one of our problems
One thing that I have realized about myself recently is that I carry past pains with me. When I met Chris, I was at an all time low. I was dissapointed in the person I had let others push me to become... And because of that, I expected Chris to be just the same. Obviously, he wasn't. He surprises me every day with his love- he truly is one of a kind. Not only does he treat me better than anyone else, but he makes a patient effort to take away the pain that others have inflicted on me.
My husband is my first true love. I never knew love until I met him, and I will never know any other. <3

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 4- Your best friends

My hubby is my first best friend. I know, its typical of me to say that. However, I really do mean it. We talk about anything and everything, and I can always be completely open with him. We laugh until we can't breath and act like little kids sometimes. I absolutely love how close we are.

I have already mentioned the fact that I'm not very good at keeping girls as friends.. I have had a few close girl friends come and go, but I do have one that I know I will always keep- Katey. We met 6 years ago (wow) on our high school's distance track team. Our friendship actually took quite a while to develop; we were friendly towards each other, but I'd say it took about a year for us to actually become friends. What made me realize that we were 'best friends' was when she left for college (she was a year ahead of me) and our friendship only grew closer during that year. We like to say that we "grew together while growing apart." It makes sense to us lol. Even today, living in different states, we still talk a few times a week.

Katey and I have a lot in common, and just as many differences; which we both agree is what makes us such close friends. We both look up to each other, for different reasons, and I feel like that is something to really treasure in a friendship. We both know that our lives are going to, and have already, taken completely different routes, but that we will always be able to meet in the middle.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 3- My Siblings

Technically, I have four siblings. But when people ask, I automatically say two.
I have an older sister and brother- by 12 and 14 years.. They are considered half-siblings, since they have a different dad, but I don't like that term.
My brother is the life of the party and any party. Just like my dad, my brother has been working with horses his whole life. At 16, he started his career as a jockey. After numerous injuries and hospital visits, my brother has finally decided on a change of pace and is now an agent.
My sister is the hurricane- she never stops. She recently moved back from Florida to our hometown, and is now expecting a baby boy! We have always been extremely close, and she is the one who I go to for advice.
I also have two sisters from my dad.. My half sister who I have never really built a relationship with, and my younger step sister.
Just another reason why my family is so unique!