Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its hard to make friends, especially as a milspouse

I'm guest blogging over at Confessions of a Sailor's Wife today!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I read your guest post and I'm in the same position! Just moved + no job = really hard to make friends. If I find a way, I'll let you know! Good luck :)

  2. Great guest post - been there, done that! My advice to you would be for you to do the things you enjoy, and you will meet like-minded people. I had a toddler when I became a Navy spouse, and quickly met other Moms with youngsters. If I had not, I would have taken classes at the base (check out the COMPASS class for new Navy spouses at the Fleet and Family Support Center) or volunteered in places I could meet other Navy spouses (Red Cross or NMCRS), worked out, and/or gone to the base chapel. It's not hard to meet people, you just have to get out there and do it.

    I have to agree that I didn't often find friendships in the spouses of my husband's co-workers - it seemed like the other women I met had husbands who worked elsewhere and that gave us something new to discover about each other.

  3. I read your post as well.I can definitely relate to your situation. I have tried Facebook groups,cafemom,online forums, you name it and I have tried it lol.Been here for 5 years now and no luck until recently when we got a dog and all of my neighbors stop and pet her and we chat. Its not the same for everyone Im sure but I wish you the best of luck hon you seem like a sweetie so Im sure youll make friends in no time :)