Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Dream Rooms

This weeks Top 2 Tuesday is dream rooms! Its so hard for me to only choose two! But I will do it!
I love everything old-fashioned. For lack of better words, my husband once told me I was an "old lady." "What??" I asked, feeling offended and thinking he was calling me boring.
"I mean.. It's like you were meant to grow up in the fifties or something."
Maybe 'old soul' is a better description? Being the Sally-home-maker that I am, I want my love of retro and vintage to showcase in my house (well, my future dream house). My problem is- retro and vintage are not the same things... and I like both of them for different rooms of the house. What a dilemma.. You wouldn't believe how much I stressed over the flow of the color scheme in our apartment, and now this? Oh boy.

And now I present... My top two dream rooms!

1) A totally retro kitchen in red and blue.
Just take away the checkered floor and add red accessories. At the moment, everything in our kitchen is already red, except the coffee pot and microwave (why does everything have to be so much more expensive when its red?) including a retro napkin holder that Chris got me... That may be my favorite part of the kitchen. haha

2) An all white vintage bedroom
How relaxing would it be to wake up to that every morning? I love dark wood furniture- everything that we have bought for the apartment is oak.. But I think that white in the bedroom is so tranquil. I love so much about this room- the distressed wood framed mirrors, the chandelier, the lamps. So pretty!

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