Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bucket List

When my husband and I first moved to San Diego a little over three years ago, I made a list of the top 5 things I wanted to do while we lived here. We did scratch two of those things off, but the rest was either too far away (and we have had enough six+ hour drives over the past three years) or not child friendly. It's funny how much that list changed when I started on our new bucket list a few months ago. So in our last two months here, we are really cracking down on our new list!

One last trip to..
1. Disneyland. Caden was too young to enjoy it the first time, and after watching how much Caden adored Elmo at Seaworld and the USO tour, we really want to take him to see the toy story characters!
2. The beach. My california baby hates the sand, but I want to give it one last shot now that he is a little older. And to think, one day he will be begging me to go to the beach.
3. San Diego Zoo. We haven't gone since Caden was born!
4. Del Mar Racetrack. We have gone every summer to see the Classic, so we already crossed this one off last weekend.
5. Our favorite restaurants and coffee shops. Work in progress!
6. The outlet mall. Las Americas Premium Outlets will surely be missed, so we need to go one more time! We need winter clothes after all...
7. Balboa Park. We have been here quite a few times and have visited all the museums, but it is one amazing park!

And a few first trips to..
8. The olympic training center. (Chris).
9. A polo match (Me).

And a first trip together to..
10. The bars in Gaslamp! Chris and I have only gone out to an actual bar together twice, once to a local bar and once while we were visiting family and friends in AZ. I got pregnant a month after my 21st birthday and four months before Chris's, and we don't have family here in Cali to watch our son while we go out, so we just don't. We have each been to a few of the bars in Gaslamp separately with friends, but never together.. So we are excited for my mom to babysit one night while she is visiting us next week!

I don't know if we will have time to do all of this in one month along with packing and all the other appointments and items we have on our to-do list, but I am going to try! I don't want to have any regrets when we move. I can't wait to see what my bucket list will be for Tennessee!

Have you ever made a bucket list before moving somewhere new?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals

1. Pack.
2. Clean.
3. Move.
4. Finish our San Diego bucket list.

With just 30 days until we move, that is all I will have to focus on this month!

August Goals
1. Try a class at the gym. Fail. I hurt my knee and then my back two weeks later, and I'm still not able to workout much.
2. Sell all of my textbooks back. Fail. My printer is having issues with the brand new ink cartridge I bought, so I need to get that taken care of first.
3. Work ahead in my class so that I can have the last week of September to focus on beginning to pack. Mostly Success. We mostly enjoyed the last weekend out of the house, but we did start packing.
4. Consignment stores/Goodwill. Mostly success.
5. Scratch something off our San Diego Bucket List. Success! We saw the classic at Del Mar!
Monthly Goals