Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Arizona heat, you are brutal, especially on a pregnant woman. Dear downstairs neighbors, you don't deserve your puppy. Seriously, who leaves their 2 pound dog outside in a bare kennel in the Arizona heat? I am so tempted to steal him.. He is tiny enough to fit in Jack's padded kennel with him! Dear Jack, I know you already have to deal with the idea of sharing mommy and daddy with a new baby, but would you mind also sharing with a new puppy? I know, I know, your answer is "Are you crazy?!" Dear husband, I'm so jealous that you are in Hawaii again, but I'm glad that you are being so adventurous. And plus, its greattt to get to talk and text every day instead of occasional emails!

My hubby's view from the ship last night

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi there blogger world. I have a perfectly good explanation about why I have been MIA, and the first of which is a big, exciting announcement..

I'm expecting!!

I'm more than expecting, I'm 22 weeks prego with a lively baby boy. So, why did I take so long to share the amazing news? Well, I planned from the beginning to wait until after the first trimester to tell the world, because of the high miscarriage rates until that point. At my first appointment, I was at a higher rate for miscarriage because of a hemmorhage on my uterus and didn't get the okay that it had cleared until after the first trimester mark, and by that time my husband was coming home in a few weeks so I decided to hold it in a little longer so we could share the news together. Hubby came home over a month ago, we told our friends (I couldn't hide it from family), and posted our announcement on facebook. Since my hubby was home for less than a month weeks in between underways, I forgot about the rest of the world and focused only on us. Our crazy schedule didn't help either, let me demonstrate:
I drove to San Diego on a Friday morning, the day after the ship pulled in because Chris had duty. We stayed in a crappy hotel until Tuesday, went to a doctors appointment (where Chris got to see the baby!) and drove back to Phoenix. Hubby took 10 days of leave, drove back to San Diego on a monday afternoon, went to work on tuesday, and drove back to Phoenix that night. He took 4 days of special leave (for being sailor of the year!) and flew back to San Diego Saturday night to make it in time for duty the next morning. I stayed in Phoenix while Chris stayed on the ship for the next week for work, and then flew back to Phoenix friday night. THEN we left for San Diego at 2 am to make it in time for my ultrasound at 9 am. Yes, I have that sweet of a husband that he insisted on flying down and doing the driving for me since I get so uncomfortable doing the drive myself. We spent 4 days together before yet another underway, and I made the last trip back to Phoenix.

Whew, if you got through that, thanks for sticking around!

I can't explain what a blessing this baby is, and I can't wait to share our journey!