Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random tidbits

I have been going through another one of those phases where almost all of my posts are link-ups, so now its time to wrap up all the little tidbits of my life into one random blog.

First, let me tell you about my FAIL moment.
Have you ever seen the show Cupcake Wars? Well I came across a picture on facebook saying that they were looking for military bakers, and I decided to go out on a limb and enter. Soo, I put in all this effort into making these cute little sailor hats out of gumpaste to top cupcakes, got all dressed up for pictures, and totally wrote the most kick-ass entry, and then.... I get an email saying, "Casting is now closed for season 3." Smack. in. the. face.

I'm still proud of these little guys

 I think this is a good time to mention that I started another blog- The USS Cupcake as a portfolio for all of my baking endeavors.

transition- I'm thinking of starting an etsy shop. I would sell fondant and gum paste cake toppers, like the one above. And then maybe when I get my sewing machine from home I could expand with other items.. I'm thinking that since I don't have a job right now, it would be perfect timing. What do you think?

Speaking of jobs, I applied to 7 more this week (some were ones I had already applied to, but this time went into the store). I wish I knew how many places I have applied to so far.. I'm thinking 50+. This economy sucks. I think I will just say that out loud, since I'm sure everyone is thinking it, lol.

One more day until the weekend!


  1. okay, you are just adorable! i'm so sorry they closed the casting before you could get in. you said it best...the economy *does* suck. too many talented people who aren't able to find work quickly right now. just hang in there!

  2. That is terrible about the casting!!! At least those cupcakes are cute as all get out, though. Maybe next year?

    I gave up on the job hunt...and just got busier. I have a 1 year old now. :-/

    found you through the milspouse roundup

  3. I love the sailor hat that is too cute!! I think your Etsy shop would do great!