Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday- relationships

I love these linky's! I know I already post in a million others, but heres another one to add to the list!

Top 2 Things you have learned about relationships

1) They take work. Everything is not always perfect.. Sometimes you won't like each other.. But you have to remember the love that you have for each other, and put in an effort to make your relationship last.

2) Never go to bed angry. This one is hard for me- when I get really upset, and I am tired of fighting, my defense is "I just want to go to sleep." Its something I did when I was younger, but now that I'm older it doesn't quite work, and I either lay in bed getting more upset or wake up that way. Luckily, the hubby always makes an effort to remind me of that!

After writing this, I looked at a couple of other blogs before posting mine.. and everyone has really similar answers! I guess that just means they are really essential to a happy relationship!

Heres us at our going away party last summer!

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  1. Both of these are great.
    Relationships are really hard and its amazing how people think that marriage doesn't change a person...I feel like people become way less selfish and up there work ethic not only in their relationship but in other areas of life.

    Can't wait to read more