Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wishing time away

This post is dedicated to all the military SO's out there.

We all do it.
We make countdowns until the day our husband comes home.
We wish the days away until we are in his arms once again.

But have you ever thought that you will never get that time back?
I know we all wish our husbands were home and never had deployments, but the fact is that they leave.
A lot.
It hurts having them gone, but you have to make the most of what you have.

Sometimes I feel guilty when I have fun while my husband is out to sea. He works 13+ hours a day, every day, and doesn't have most of the luxuries that I have. I think its normal to feel this way; I want the best for my husband, and I want him to make the most of his life. So maybe he isn't doing what he wants at the exact moment that he is staring at the ship's chart, but I can guarantee that in 20 years, he is going to look back and say that serving is exactly what he wanted to do.

So use the time away to do things for yourself. Read that book that's been sitting on your bedside table the past few months, go out with the girls, or pour a drink and relax in a bubble bath.

So go ahead and miss your loved ones all you want, but please don't wish the time away.

Monday, July 25, 2011

About me

I added a new page to the top!
So if you want to find out more about me, check it out : )


Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Letters (1)

Dear Jack, I love that you know your cute. Your newest move, where you stand at the doggy gate, spin on your back legs, all the while looking at me even when your head is upside down, is by far the cutest one. I hope you let me catch it on video on day. Dear Victoria's Secret, I have been trying to decide which top I want to order to match the really cute bottoms I found at Target. Please send me the top that would look the best on me. Dear Husband, I am so proud of you for working so hard to get your esws pin. You are such a hard worker, and I know it will eventually pay off for you.

I hit 50 followers! Wooh!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm stuck.
I don't know what I want to be when I'm older.
Rather, I don't know what to be, and I'm getting older.

Luckily, I have it narrowed down to two.
Unfortunately, they are in a very close race.
When I think I have a winner, another one pulls forward at the last minute.

And the nominees are:
A financial counselor or an event stylist.

I went to school for business management for a year. I only took two business classes in that time, so I didn't really get an idea of it. Between advanced classes, work, struggling to pay bills, Chris leaving for bootcamp, getting married, and the loss of my grandfather, I was beyond overwhelmed. I finished my first year thinking that I would either go to culinary school to become a pastry chef and cake decorator, or become a wedding planner.

When I started second guessing myself, I decided to take a year off. August is quickly approaching, and I am still unsure about what to do.

My left brain and right brain are fighting each other. Have you taken one of those tests before? I always score pretty even, with a few more points on my left brain. I am VERY logical, but I'm emotional and creative.
Financial counselor = logical.
Party stylist = creative.
See my dilemma?

I know I could be a good financial counselor. I have always been a budget-er and planner, so I know that I could help other people with that. But would it be creative enough for me?

It would be so fun to be a party stylist. But could I actually make a career out of pretty things like this?


Can't I just do both?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

One. Either this necklace or headband from barberryandlace on etsy. Can you tell that I love etsy yet?


Two. New glasses. My dog chewed mine, and yes, I have bandaids on the ends. lol



Three. Some quality time with my husband. He gets home from an underway tomorrow afternoon. I have him for the night, then he has duty on Friday, and I have to work on Saturday and Sunday.

Camping Trip Summer 2011

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Monday, July 11, 2011

My little letters

I have to mention a few people and do a little explaining here.

I follow a little blog called Adventures of Newlyweds, which I have mentioned on here before.
Once a week, she posts 'Friday's Letters.'
I always thought the idea was really cute, and wanted to copy her idea.
Then one day, while blog-stalking, I saw a link she posted to Today's Letters.
After visiting the blog and reading their headline, "There are many things that can change a life... a letter is one of them," I thought the idea was even cuter.

I love writing letters.
When I buy people cards, I look for ones that don't say much, so that I can fill them with what I want to say.
When I used to struggle with my feelings not being heard when I was younger, I would write a letter.
When Chris was in bootcamp, I HATED not being able to talk to him, but I loved that we were forced to write old fashioned love letters.

So I am inspired by the two awesome people I mentioned above to start my own letters. But since I have such a hectic schedule and a lack of time to blog now, I won't contain them to a single day. Instead I am going to title them "little letters" and write them when the time feels right.

So stay tuned!

Vitamin Water

We love vitamin water in our household.
So when it goes on sale, we stock up.
(Fyi, we still had about a full shelf full in one of the cabinets at this point)

Whats your favorite flavor?

Friday, July 8, 2011

The joys of a job... and the military

Life has been crazy.

When I first started looking for a job last year, I was looking for a part time job that would help pay for a new car. I now work 35 hours a week, and I contribute very much to our household.

With my extra income, Chris and I have paid off his loan, saved a couple thousand towards a new car and our wedding, made double payments on my ring, and got to go out on a couple adventures (like camping and the lipizzaner stallion show!)

Speaking of which, here a few pictures from the show!
My dream horse!

I'm really trying to make an effort to take more 'adventures' with my hubby. In between underways this summer, we plan to try a couple hikes and visit the San Diego Safari Park!

Their are rumors going around my husband's ship that they will have to take over another ship's deployment, in addition to their already scheduled 'underway'. Please keep us in your prayers!