Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working lady

I've been MIA in the bloggy world for more than a week!

Life has gotten pretty crazy lately. I started my job last week, and I'm finally getting used to working all day. I'm still trying to balance cleaning the house and working full time though. Although I have always given my mom credit for being a single, working mom, I have a newfound respect for her (and all you working ladies out there). I don't even have kids, just one messy husband, and I am having a hard time working and keeping the house clean!

Tomorrow my in-laws are coming in for the weekend. (Sorry, that means I will be MIA again!) There are going to be 6 adults, one child, and one dog in our one bedroom apartment this weekend. It's going to be very interesting!

Today is wednesday wishes, which I love to participate in, but I couldn't do two in a row without any real posts in between. Head over to Brooke's blog if you would like to participate!

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