Monday, May 9, 2011

Bad Puppy

Do you ever wish your puppy could talk? I do. Especially lately.

Sometime in the past, I did a post about our puppy Jack, and I said something like "we potty-trained him in two weeks!" He was originally my sister's dog, and he peed on her carpet at least a few times a day. He has been doing so well..

Last week, he peed in the bedroom, on the carpet, even though there was a puppy pad, three times. We were on like a 3 month spree.

Last night, he peed on the puppy pad three times. Thank goodness it was not on the carpet, but why did he go three times? The first time was less than hour after I took him out for the night! He seriously has used a puppy pad like twice in the past few months, on the weekends when we didn't wake up at 4 am.

I don't know what has gotten into him! Has your dog ever all the sudden had a bad-streak? What did you do about it? We are going to rent a shampooer from home depot.. maybe when all the smell is gone things will go back to normal.

I just wish he could talk to me, and say something like, "Mommy, I peed on the floor because I am mad at you for not playing fetch with me all day." Or, "Mommy, I have a tummy ache, and that's why I went potty four times last night."

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