Thursday, May 5, 2011

flower centerpieces

I love flowers, but I know nothing about them.
So when I started thinking about what flowers to use for my wedding, I sort of panicked and decided to do it later. I thought I found the perfect flowers a few weeks ago, but now I'm second guessing my choice for the centerpieces.

I was thinking of using these flowers:


And making these bottles to put them in:
But I originally found them on Brooke's Blog!

I'm for sure making the bottles; I think they go so perfect with our country theme! Chris and I have already collected like 15 bottles, and we still have a way to go! The flowers are billy balls, and they are originally yellow. I'm afraid that they are going to look orange when I get them : / Oh, its so hard perfecting all the wedding details.


  1. wedding? I thought you were married already? hmmm, I may be an idiot thats all :)

  2. I am married already, I just haven't had my wedding yet. Chris and I got married at a court house while he was in a-school, so that I would be able to move with him. I still want a wedding ceremony and reception though, so we are having one late : )

  3. Those are so cute! We had our "wedding" 6 months after we were actually married, it was neat to be able to celebrate with ALL of our family! Our reception was in a historic garden and we lined the walkways with mason jars with candles inside, it turned out really pretty. :]

  4. Hi ashley,
    There is a really good web site all about DIY-ing things for your wedding. It kind of sounds like what you are doing for your wedding, and here are some more inspirations.