Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Wishes (23)

My wishes are for:

1. Some pretty  makeup, like the stuff I found on etsy the other day. Not only is it handmade and affordable, but its all natural.


2. A reusable farmer's egg crate. You might think I'm weird, but I would love it if the inside of my refrigerator was pretty and organized. I want drinks in pretty glass pitchers instead of the ugly plastic bottles with labels all over them, and a pretty egg crate.
3. Tall Boots for riding. I have one pair, but I left them back home in storage. I figured I wouldn't be doing much riding for awhile, and if I did, I could just wear my cowboy boots. Wrong! Last week one of the groupon deals was for two riding lessons, and I decided to use it as an excuse to ride again and learn something I never did- jumping! They even have horses for advanced riders; I'm so excited!


  1. That egg crate is so cute!!

  2. Love the egg crate! Stopping by from the link up with Brooke. =)

  3. Oh I know what you mean about the refrigerator! I absolutely hate it when anything is unorganized - and an egg crate like that would be a great way to fix it!

  4. How nice to get a chance to take up riding!