Monday, May 16, 2011

Operation Petticoat

Yesterday, I went to a photo-session hosted by Operation Petticoat. They are an amazing group of women who have decided to get together and provide a free day of pampering and photos to military wives.

So yesterday morning, the hubby and I, (and Jack of course- he couldn't be left home alone all day!) hopped in the car and drove the 2+ hours to LA. At the salon, all the girls snacked and chit-chatted until it was their turn to be pampered. Chris, on the other hand, took the dog for a walk, skate boarded, and played monopoly on his ipod. He is such a good hubby.

The theme was 1950's pin up. Kat did our makeup, complete with falsh eyelashes, cheek bone hugging blush and bright red lipstick. Sandi curled our hair, and Connie styled it a la 1950's. Carrie, who owns her own vintage style shop, brought in a ton of clothes for us to choose from. My options were a bit limited since I am so small, but we found this adorable pink sheer nightie that was perfect. After all the primping, Jules took our photos as we pretended to be real pin ups.

I had a blast. I absolutely love the 1950's era- I have a folder on my computer full of inspiration, I sometimes rock the red lipstick and bandana in my hair, and my hubby even jokes with me about how I am an 'old lady' by which he means to say, and 'old soul' haha. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am so happy I had the chance to do it! We got a few prints to take home with us, and they will be posting more on facebook soon, so I will post some up when they do!


  1. Wow...sounds like a blast! I would adore to have my make-up done 50's pin-up style :) Where are the pictures...I will bet you look so lovely :)

    xx Cat brideblu

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  2. I like this type a lot better than the cursive, its a lot easier to read.