Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have a blog

Last week I finally told the hubby that I have a blog. It was so hard to keep it from him; I tell him everyyything. But I was really self conscious about what he would think.. Would he think it was corny to have a blog titled, Ashley, the Little Navy Wife? Not that Chris ever judges me, but still. I was nervous.
So I told him about it.. He smiled and said, "really?" Then he asked me to show it to him and really wanted to read it. Of course he gave me a hard time about not telling him for so long, but in the end he assured me that he wasn't upset. He even asked how to get to it himself so he can read it on his next duty day. hah.
So do any of your hubby's read your blog?

*Right after writing this I got a phone call from the hubby asking me to bring him a paper that he needed.. So I had to drive all the way to the base, about 20 miles away.. Ugh. But at least I got lots of kisses and I love you's to make up for it!

Well I'm off to fill out some applications.. Keep your fingers crossed.. Our car has been smoking and I need a job so we can get a new one!!!

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  1. Ashley, this is so cool! I just found the link on your Facebook. I am going to be a regular follower from now on so I can know what you are up to!!