Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 29 - Your dreams

My dreams are really simple. but... complicated at the same time. hah.

I dream of staying with my husband for the rest of my life... Out of my huge family, I have only seen two marriages last. So if I wasn't suck a hopeless romantic, I would be like my friend Katey and never want to get married.
I dream of having happy, healthy children running around that I gave birth to. My mom was told that she would never give birth, and I have already had complications that could make conceiving difficult. Not being able to have babies is one of my biggest fears in life.
I dream of having money, or 'being successful' as my hubby would put it. I don't dream of being rich, but I don't want to struggle paycheck to paycheck or have to worry about bills.
I dream of having a yellow house with a wrap-around white porch. I want my hubby and I to each have the cars that we want, and our kids to get to do whatever activity they decide.
I dream of having a horse again. This is my first time not being around horses, and I don't like it!
I dream of being able to find out what I want to do in life. In the future, I want to stay home with our kids until they go to school, but I want to have a career and an education before that.

I dream of the simple things in life- a happy family, a sucessful career, and love. So many people miss out on those things, and I don't want to be one of them.

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