Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 3- My Siblings

Technically, I have four siblings. But when people ask, I automatically say two.
I have an older sister and brother- by 12 and 14 years.. They are considered half-siblings, since they have a different dad, but I don't like that term.
My brother is the life of the party and any party. Just like my dad, my brother has been working with horses his whole life. At 16, he started his career as a jockey. After numerous injuries and hospital visits, my brother has finally decided on a change of pace and is now an agent.
My sister is the hurricane- she never stops. She recently moved back from Florida to our hometown, and is now expecting a baby boy! We have always been extremely close, and she is the one who I go to for advice.
I also have two sisters from my dad.. My half sister who I have never really built a relationship with, and my younger step sister.
Just another reason why my family is so unique!

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