Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 9 - Something that you miss

This one is pretty easy; I miss being around horses, and, especially, having my own.
This is Ollie:
I got him the summer before my sophomore year of high school. After about a year of searching, I finally found the perfect horse through a rescue organization.. I handed over the money without even riding him or watching him run, which I knew could be a huge mistake, but somehow I just knew he was the one. And I was right : )
I started working at 15, a few months after I got Ollie. It was about my junior year when my dad stopped paying for the boarding fees, and I had to help my mom. By my senior year, the responsibility was completely on me. And a horse is no way near cheap! Not to mention other bills as well.. In order to make ends meet, I took more hours, even ended up getting a second job.
I thought about selling Ollie, and even put up an ad, but took it down a day later. I didn't have the heart to sell him. It got even harder to afford him in college, but I just couldn't let him go. I'm glad I didn't, because when I got home from school, and Chris went on deployment, my horse and working out were the two things that kept me sane.. I got back into the routine that I had the first year I got my horse.
I sold my horse to a wonderful family about a week before I moved. I miss him like crazy, but I know he is in good hands.

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