Monday, June 13, 2011

I want to be adventurous.

I've made a list of things I want to do in California.

Its possible that Chris and I will only be here for his first four years, so I want to make sure that we don't move and think, darn, I wish we had gone to ___."

So here is my top 5 list:

1. Disneyland
2. Ridgewood Ranch- Seabiscuit's final home
3. Universal Studio's
4. Seaworld
5. The Redwood Forest

Are there any other 'must see's' that you would recommend?

Btw, you should check out Adventure's of Newlyweds. Ashley (what a great name) and her husband move every three months for his work, and they def take advantage of the traveling. They seem like such a fun, adventurous couple! Reading about their adventures have inspired me to plan adventures for my hubby and I.


  1. aw, thanks girl! I will be so excited to see your adventures in cali! My advice is to google your town and surrounding towns for things to do... you will be surprised at all the unique things you will discover that might be right next door and you never even knew it! also, on the way to the redwoods, you should visit some northern california wineries! napa valley and san francisco are also places my husband and I really want to see!

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