Monday, August 11, 2014

Is that your son?

A few weeks ago, I was grocery shopping with my son. We were in the store for five minutes before some random lady at the grocery store asked me, "Is that your son?" I was a little irritated by her question, but she was smiling at Caden, so I gave her a simple yes. I started looking through the steaks when she told me how young I looked. I'm used to people saying things like this- it's amazing how many people just can't keep their mouths shut. Usually, I ignore their remarks, but for some reason, probably because she was forward enough to mention my son, I told her my age- "I'm 23." I thought that would shut her up, but instead she smiled and said, "Good for you. Better to have kids young so you have the energy to chase after them. It's so tiring when your my age." I don't remember what my response was, but I felt guilty that I had judged this lady by thinking she was judging me. Somehow, we started talking and I told her that the reason I had my son so young was because I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. She said, "So do I," and told me her story- she had waiting a few years after she got married to start trying for a baby and was diagnosed after not being able to conceive. It took her 17 years of trying before she had her child, but she never gave up.

I don't normally open up to people I'm close to, much less a stranger, but there I was, in the meat isle of the super market, connecting with a woman about this disease that had changed both of our lives in such very different ways.

When she walked away, she told me she was happy for me, and I believed it. What a crazy feeling to know that this stranger is genuinely happy for me to have something that took her so long to get. I'm happy for her too, and thankful that she connected with me to remind me of how blessed I truly am.


  1. Ah I always get this question. My daughter is 12 now and I'm still asked for I'D and if she's my daughter. I was 20 when I had her and get so fed up of being questioned but how lovely that you were able to connect with that lovely lady. I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia and now it was a blessing to have her young as I physically couldn't cope with pregnancy again. I'm glad the lady finally got to have her child :)

  2. Aww! This made me tear up. At first I was getting mad at the lady, but I'm very happy the encounter turned out so well. We may all be strangers, but you never know who's going to touch your heart <3

    You asked me about my Hypoglycemia, but I can't find the email. Yes, I do have Hypoglycemia, and I most definitely had to change my diet. Technically, I can eat whatever I want, but if I want to control my sugar levels and prevent Diabetes, I have to try to stick to the Diabetic diet. If you have any specific questions, let me know!