Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My 3 Favorite Blogs

I love reading blogs that either inspire me or that I can relate to. I love these three blogs for those very reasons:

1. The Shine Project. Not only do Ashley and I share the same first name, but the same hometown! With her project, she is able to put at-risk teens to work and provide them with scholarships. Purchasing one of the adorable bracelets or t-shirts from the Thread's shop will fund those scholarships (this and this are on my wish list). But the real reason I keep coming back to her blog- I love the perspective she has on the little things in life.

2. Don't Quote the Raven. This girl is witty, sarcastic, and honest. Some of her stories have me actually laughing-out-loud and some have me scrolling through the comments to see all the controversy she has stirred up. When I find myself second guessing the things I am writing because I'm afraid of what people will react, I think of Raven.

3. The Freckled Fox. Emily's blog and posts always seems so peaceful and calming (I mean, look at that picture). Her blog is full of inspiration- whether its all the amazing hair tutorials she posts, or the fact that she has four young children and just recently competed in a fitness competition. Now that's motivation.



  1. Love these kinds of posts! It's such an awesome way to find new (and true!) blogs to read!!