Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Cities

My hometown is Phoenix, AZ, where it gets to be 120 degrees in the summer and green rarely grows. I ran cross country for six years (practice was at 3pm most of the time), and somehow I never once died of heat exhaustion. Some people complain that there is only one season in Phoenix, but after spending 8 months in super hot weather, I used to freeze my butt off in the winter when it was 60 degrees out. I thought I would always be used to the weather, but once I moved away I realized something: you never want to return to the melting desert once you have a taste of cooler weather.

This isn't Phoenix, its about two hours away in Sedona.. But I didn't think you wanted to stare at dirt.

I've spent the past four years (besides that miserable summer I spent in Phoenix when I was 6 months pregnant) in San Diego, within 20 minutes of the beach. Where we currently live, it rarely, and I mean rarely, gets over 75 degrees. And in the winter, it rarely gets below 68. Perfect weather, year round. We live within 30 minutes of the beach, downtown, at least 5 malls, The San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Balboa Park, museums, aquariums, Coronado, and Naval Base San Diego.

Our most recent beach trip - my little Cali boy HATED it.
In a few months, we will be calling a new city home.. Murfreesboro, Tennessee! We are so very excited to see what this new city has in store for our family!



  1. THat is so exciting!! I am moving from Michigan to Texas in 2 weeks, I am sure I will miss the cooler weather but I am also sure I won't miss 20 feet of snow!

  2. I visited California once, and absolutely loved it. Although, to be honest, I was FREEZING the entire time! haha 75 degrees is cold to me, but then again I live in Texas. Our winter was super long this year though. We had 30 degree weather in April -- which is usually uncalled for in houston! I'm pretty jealous that you and your family get to move around and live in different states! That must be a great adventure!

  3. Well your post certainly has me asking myself "why don't I live in San Diego?". I don't live in Tennessee, but I do live in North Carolina and I'll tell you this. HUMIDITY. It sucks so bad, you'll hate it the minute you experience it, and you'll be begging to move back to the land of dry heat. Other than that, the South is pretty great :)

  4. I have family who bought a trailer in arizona so they spend the winter there then come home for the summer haha. It's always been on my list of places to go! I wouldn't mind san diego either!