Friday, July 8, 2011

The joys of a job... and the military

Life has been crazy.

When I first started looking for a job last year, I was looking for a part time job that would help pay for a new car. I now work 35 hours a week, and I contribute very much to our household.

With my extra income, Chris and I have paid off his loan, saved a couple thousand towards a new car and our wedding, made double payments on my ring, and got to go out on a couple adventures (like camping and the lipizzaner stallion show!)

Speaking of which, here a few pictures from the show!
My dream horse!

I'm really trying to make an effort to take more 'adventures' with my hubby. In between underways this summer, we plan to try a couple hikes and visit the San Diego Safari Park!

Their are rumors going around my husband's ship that they will have to take over another ship's deployment, in addition to their already scheduled 'underway'. Please keep us in your prayers!

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