Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 27 - The person who gave you your favorite memory

My favorite memory at the moment is the day we got married.

Here goes the cheesy part: Of course I am going to say my hubby since he is the one who asked me to marry him and who said I do with me.


Heres the funny part: The second best part about the day was the fact that the judge could not get my name right... and who hasn't heard the name Ashley? Its only one of the most popular girl names of all time. She kept saying Ashley with different pronunciations of the A.
Later that day, I asked the hubby if I had said my name with a southern accent (sometimes I get a little country) and he said I must have.. Almost a year later, and we still joke about that day. This post would be so much better if you could actually hear it... Just picture someone saying Ashley with a hillbilly accent. hah.

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