Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 26 - Your nicknames

My most used nickname is Little Ashley. It started at my first job (when I was 15).. I worked at a sandwich shop with like 15 girls, and my boss would have a really hard time remembering names when someone first started, so he started calling me 'tiny tim.' When another Ashley started working there, Bill would get confused when someone was talking about us, so he started calling me 'Little Ashley' and other people picked it up also. Flash forward another job to my first job in college, where there was also another Ashley. I don't know how it started, but once again I became known as 'Little Ashley.'

I think this picture is fitting

The only other nicknames I have really had that stuck are 'a-dogg' from a friend in middle school (yes, we still start out conversations with hey a-dogg or k-dogg! lol) and 'assley' from my best friend in high school (and yes, she still calls me that... in a voice we like to call our forest gump accents). hah I'm not even going to try to explain those two.

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