Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eight years handed to the Navy

It's official, Chris is the property of the  U.S. Navy for another four years. You know, it didn't really hit me until I typed that line. We have been living this lifestyle for the past few years, and it has become a part of us. It seems normal to think that we are going to be a military family for another four years, but when I really think about it, it does make me a little nervous. In less than a month, Chris will be choosing(loosely) where we will spend the next few years of our life, where we will raise our family. In less than a year, we will once again pack up all of our belongings and move to a new town where we don't know anyone. Sure, its exciting, but it is also scary. Especially for someone like me, who needs everything to be planned to a T. But somehow, I got carried into this life where I am constantly challenged to stay sane. Anything for love, right?

Speaking of anything for love, Chris changed his reenlistment to Dave & Busters because he was worried about me making the hike up Cowles Mountain after my surgery on Friday.

I am ready for whatever journey this life takes us on because we will do it together. Cheers to another, completely different, four years as a military family!


  1. Congrats on the re-enlistment. It is scary to think of the commitment ahead of you. But time really does go quickly... unless he is away...but looking back you will wonder where the time went!

  2. I completely understand! It's hard for us Type A's to bend down to the military's wishes and do what we're told without question, but we do it because we have to and I like to think we're quite good at it :)