Sunday, December 15, 2013

This weekend, I...

.. Recovered from having my wisdom teeth removed and my tongue tie snipped. My husband got a few embarrassing videos of me waking up that I thought about sharing.. just for a very brief second! To all the people who told me it would be nothing, you lied!

Yay me, I didn't swell or bruise too bad. You should see my tongue though.

.. Last weekend, my son was the one doing the recovering after his own surgery.

Luckily, everyone is starting to feel better around here because we have such a busy week coming up! I am nowhere near finishing my class, wrapping presents, making blankets, or starting to pack for Arizona!


  1. Oh gosh!! I'm so glad you didn't swell. I actually need to make an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out. I know the videos on youtuble are hilarious!! SO glad you guys are doing better :)