Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three years!

Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated our three year anniversary. We kept things low key this year and tried to cook a romantic dinner: bruschetta and bread, shrimp cocktail, and pasta with cream sauce. Dinner was lovely, and neither of us minded that our baby boy was at the table with us, in fact, it made things even better. After putting Caden to bed, we swapped our cards and made chocolate fondue in my little dipper crockpot and dipped strawberries, bananas, marshmellows, and angel food cake. For some reason, we kept giggling about random things during dessert (and Chris kept making fondue jokes). It felt really good to just laugh together.. We have been so wrapped up in our new lives as parent's that we haven't been 'dating' each other much lately. Even though we kept things really simple, it was exactly what we needed in our relationship. I can't wait to spend the next year with my amazingly sweet, handsome, and (sometimes) funny husband!


  1. wow I can't believe you two have been married three years! Sounds like an amazing night, congrats on three years!!

  2. This is so sweet. :) I think it's so important to still "date" after being married. Keep the love alive!