Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear Mom, You really are the best grandma that a little boy could ask for. Dear Son, You have developed a love for screaming the past few days, and it is not crying-screaming, but the I-scream-at-you-and-wait-for-you-to-scream-back-with-a-smile-on-my-face kind. Two days around your daddy's side of the family, and you already picked up their loudness. Dear Nurse, I know it was your first day back to the peds unit, but you did a terrible job at giving my baby boy his shots. Dear Tax Return, I can't wait to get you! After all the responsible stuff, we are going to have a little extra for shoppingggg. Dear Husband, This week you got a tattoo of our son, and it is a-maz-ing. I can't wait until the first time Caden realizes its him!

Hubby's tattoo- Caden's face on a Woody doll (from Toy Story) holding a HELLP syndrome balloon

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  1. What a neat tattoo! I'm glad I found your blog-- I love finding blogs of people my age (I'm 22) :-) Can't wait to read more!

    Happy Friday!