Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I miss cuddling with my baby

Up until a couple weeks ago, Caden had to be sung to sleep in our arms before being put down for bed. I have avoided cry it out techniques as much as possible during our sleep training, but when he started really fighting while I tried to put him to sleep, I started putting him in the crib and walking away. Most of the time, he was asleep within 10 minutes and rarely needed me to do a check or give him his binky a second time. During this time, I was telling my mom about his new habits, and she said, "Maybe he wants to put himself to sleep now." I should have been ecstatic to hear that, but all I could think was "my baby doesn't need me anymore." (I know, I know.)

So, after four months of having Caden sleep in bed with me at least three hours every night, and then two weeks of him not wanting anything to do with cuddling or sleeping with his momma, I miss it. So much so, that I made a collage of all the sleeping with mommy or daddy pictures I had on my phone.

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