Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Caden's vday present- a high chair! (Looks like a baby lazy boy to me)

Dear Baby Boy, You are growing way too fast! This week I had to put away all of your 0-3 month clothes. Dear Father of my Child, I'm sorry, but we can't keep every one of Caden's outfits that looked cute on him. I know it is possible that we will have another boy, but let's face it- our son makes every outfit look cute, and we just don't have the storage for that! Dear Sleep, Where have you been lately? Dear Fibro Pain, You are really kicking my butt this week. I know, if I improve my relationship with sleep you will get a teensy bit better. I'm tryingDear Valentines Day, I know you get a bad rep from some people, but I am so glad to know you! Dear Caden, You get two letters this week because you rolled over!! Couldn't you have waited for me to get my video camera ready though? Dear Hubby, You also get two letters, since you were so thoughtful and sweet on v-day. I am so lucky to be your wife.


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  1. Such a cute photo!

    I could use some more sleep too! Have a great weekend.