Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Goals

1. Talk to my advisor/ finish my school schedule. I'm pretty sure I only have four classes to go before I graduate, but the requirements for my electives are confusing. I hope I don't have more to do than I thought!
2. Spring Clean. I've never actually 'spring cleaned', but this year I am going to do it (a little late). I've made a list, and I will be happy if I can get a decent portion done this month.
3. Workout twice a week. My Crunch membership expired this month, so I decided to look for a gym with childcare now that Caden is a little older. I signed up for a family membership at the YMCA, so now I can go on days that I have the car, plus we can go as a family instead of Chris and I having to decide who gets to go on what days. I have gone twice, and Caden has so much fun at the day care that he doesn't want to leave!
5. Family pictures! Our groupon expires at the end of the month!

Last month's goals...
1. Finish sewing two sheets. Fail. The past two months have been really difficult for me with endometriosis pain, so I haven't accomplished as much as I have wanted. Plus this month I am taking a capstone business class that is going to hog all of my time, so I'm just going to put my sewing projects on hold.
2. Post once a week to the blog. Success. I posted six times in April and started my green baby series.
3. Clean out freezer. Fail. I did dig through to find some forgotten meat, but I didn't do a full cleaning.
4. Back-up my computer to my USB. Somewhat success. All of my organized pictures are saved, but I still need to organize/add the pictures from the last two months.
5. Plan the basics of our move. Success. Now just waiting on the Navy to tell us where we are going!
6. Schedule Family Pictures. Fail. We just need to pick a weekend in May!

Monthly Goals


  1. You did a good job in April. That must be really frustrating to have to wait to find out where you're moving to.

    Good luck with your goals in May!

  2. You did well in April! I love those May goals. I need to think about seeing an advisor..> I've now done two semesters without seeing anyone. lol

  3. Good luck with your goals for May! They sound great. I'm moving soon too. :)

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