Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eighteen months

These shoes don't fit despite being brand new and his size, but I stuffed his feet in for Easter anyway, oops!

My little man turned 18 months last month! His appointment was just last week so I waited to get his stats since I want to be able to keep these updates kind of like a baby book.

Growth- At Caden's 18 month check-up, he was 32 inches and 25 pounds. We always think Caden look so big compared to other kids his age, but he is in the 32nd and 69th percentiles. I think it might be because he is so stalky, just like his daddy! The doctor also pointed out something else that he has of his dad's- wide feet. He is in size 6 shoes, and we have to search for ones that are wide enough to fit his feet.. just because they are labeled wide doesn't mean they are wide enough! We found a pair of Nike SB's that actually fit. This boy is going to cost us a fortune just on shoes!

New skills- It has been six months since I have done an update, so Caden has gained so many new skills in that time! I think the most impressive is that he can jump! He has actually been jumping since he was 14 months, and I mean both feet off the ground jumping. Caden also learned to 'skateboard' on his xylophone after watching skate videos with his daddy, and I have to admit he is pretty good. He even tries to do tricks! Climbing stairs (and everything else) and running are some of the other things he can do now. Any time we go somewhere, Caden throws a fit if I carry him on the stairs. In fact, he throws fits all the time. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until the terrible twos?

Major events- In the past few months, Caden went to the Birch Aquarium and the Children's Museum, took Gymboree classes, and had his first Easter egg hunt. He also has started going to day care at the YMCA while I workout, and he has so much fun that he doesn't want to leave with me! Another major event was when Caden got sick with croup and an upper respiratory infection. It was terrifying to know that he was having trouble breathing, and I'm still scared it is going to happen again. Last weekend, we had an appointment where the doctor had Caden run around and then monitored his heart and oxygen levels, and everything came back great!

Likes/dislikes- Caden started getting picky about textures with things like strawberries and rice a few months ago, but things got really bad once he got sick. The first 5 days after the croup, he would only drink milk and eat puffs or yogurt bites. I was one stressed mama. We then discovered that he would eat pouches, so it was that and steamed veggies for another week. It literally took a month after getting sick for Caden to start eating normal again. His favorite breakfast food right now is cottage cheese, and dinner is meatloaf. Lunches are a struggle for some reason, but he can destroy a homemade green juice!

Words- I wouldn't say that Caden is behind with talking, but it is not his best skill. He is so focused on mastering physical skills that he just doesn't have time for talking! He can say (with meaning) Mama, Dad, Jack, ow, wow, uh-oh, no, bird, ready, and I love you. He is also learning all done and thank you, and constantly imitates things that we say. He even yelled "crap!" the other day after Daddy!

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  1. He is PRECIOUS! I love that he is picky about textures (I'm sure you don't love it so much haha) but I adore when the children start getting their own personalities!