Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Frocking ceremony in November
Dear Friday, I can finally be one of those people who say, "Dear Friday, thank goodness you're here!" because I'm back at work and this Friday means no work for 4 days!
Dear Jack, I'm sorry that you have to be home alone while mommy's at work once again. I wish I could take you with me, but I don't think the customers would appreciate your constant yapping, let alone your hair that finds it way into everything.
Dear Baby Caden, you are starting to put so much pressure on mommy's ribs, and you still have so much more to grow!
Dear neighbors, why oh why must you stomp your feet to walk up the stairs? This annoys the crapppp out of me.
Dear hubby, this week was your 21st birthday, and you got to celebrate it by making a 5 minute phone call to me in between working your ass off and getting very little sleep. I'm so very proud of everything you have accomplished in the past year, including making 3rd class, receiving a NAM (actually, I think two.. thats how difficult your awards are to keep track of), and sailor of the year. Oh, and doing your part in making a baby! : )



  1. Found you from the link up :) Newest follower!

  2. Aw so precious! So glad I found you, so excited to see what develops, especially with the baby :)

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  3. Now that I'm working i can say TGIF too!

    have a great weekend! come say hello at

  4. Me and my husband used to live in a basement apartment and the stairs were right above our bedroom bed. OH man I hated hearing them literally RUN down the stairs everytime. I was like... can't you WALK!

    haha loving your blog.

    Oh and my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow you through it using my twitter. How cool is that?! Who knew that you could do that?! I sure didn't!