Monday, April 4, 2011


Money has been a big topic in our household lately. Heres allll the reasons why:

1. We have been talking about a new car.
2. We have two debts (a loan and my ring) under $400!
3. I have been looking for a job for 6 months.
4. We are saving for our 'big wedding.'

Right now, Chris is getting BAS until June. With that money, we could make car payments. Until June. and then we would have about 5 months of car payments in our savings. Until it runs out. Then Chris should be E-3 by then, therefore giving him a raise, and allowing us to continue to make car payments. But what if? We try to be so responsible with our money, and its super scary knowing that we are walking such a tight line.

On a lighter note, Chris and I took $280 (some of our income tax money) to the casino yesterday and walked out with $500! Not bad, huh?

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  1. living a tight line, is never a good thing. Live comfortably, not tight. Try not to add anything to your plate, that you cant handle! :)