Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We survived our first deployment

Chris is home!!!!

I have been working so hard to get the apartment ready for him. I only had 4 days to do it, and not only were there a ton of boxes to unpack, but there was a lot of laundry (because Chris left almost a whole sea bag worth of dirty clothes at his mom's house), dishes and pans to be washed (because they were brand new), and tons of errands to run. The good thing was that it gave me something to do to keep me busy and not thinking about how long it was until he got home.
On Monday, I woke up early, drove to the base, and got the decals for my car. On my way there, Chris called me and said they were pulling in 4 hours early. I had just enough time to go home and get all dolled up before coming back to meet him : ) Unfortunately, Chris is still on FSA, so I had to wait a few hours for him to finish taking out the trash (and I have the sunburn to show it), but it was all worth it! He surprised me.. He wasn't supposed to be out for while, but was walking with the tractor that was carrying boxes when he saw me, and walked over. It took me a minute to take it all in since I wasn't expecting him, so I had a camera-worthy reaction!
Chris is working 12 hour days this week, which really stinks, but on Friday he will be taking a 10 day leave to finish getting our apartment ready and to spend time together. I am so excited and so grateful for that time that we are going to get to spend together and explore our new home.
I love our apartment, I love doing stuff around the house, and I love having my hubby home. It feels a little like playing house still. 'House' was my favorite game to play when I was little, and surprise! I still enjoy it.
The house is clean, the laundry is done, and dinner is planned. I still have a few more hours until Chris is home, so I think I am going to curl up with a book until I'm back in my babe's arms!

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