Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 1- Introduction

My name is Ashley, and I'm 19. I'm short (4'11'' and three quarters to be exact) and I think, I know, my size helped to build my personality as I grew up. I was born in Riverside, CA, grew up in Phoenix, AZ, and now I'm living in San Diego!

Where to start..
School. I've always been an 'accelorated' student, since 2nd grade. In high school, I took all the AP classes, and made it my goal to get into an out of state university. I set my heart on USC and UF, but I fell just short of the top 1% in my class and didn't get into either one. Now I can say that I am happy I got rejected, because 1) I wouldn't have been able to afford it and 2) I wouldn't be with the love of my life. Instead, I went to UofA, as an honor's business major, and made one big realization: I hated school. I was never the kind of person who got excited to go to school (unless there was cute boy in my class!).. I thought things would change in college, but they didn't. I, very painstakingly, finished out my freshman school year, and now I am taking a break to figure out what I want to do, not what I think others want me to be. And I think I figured it out- I want to be a wedding planner.

I only have a few close friends. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't click with other girls, but makes friends with the guys easily. Its gotten me into trouble a few times, but only because of what other people think. The people who know me understand, for example: my hubby and I got invited to go out with his friends from work one night.. As he was telling me about the people who were going he said something along the lines of, "All the guys are really cool, I know you will get a long with them. Blank and Blank (insert girls names) are also going, but they're girls so I don't expect you to make friends with them."

I ran cross country for 6 years, and also ran a season of track. I love running, but my body hates it. I dealt with knee problems my freshman year, and as soon as those cleared up I started having problems with my hips. At the end of my junior year, I had plans to be the top varsity girl, and then unexpectedly injured my lower back at the end of the season. A doctor told me it was either a fracture (I have fallen off a few horses) or I just needed to be 'realigned.' I still deal with the pain today, but I can't get enough of the 'high' from running, so I keep going.

My husband may be a sailor, but I am a cowgirl. Riding is in my blood. One grandfather immigrated from Ireland to become a jockey, and one trained racehorses. My dad is still a well-known jockey, and my brother also raced, but is now an agent. I never got to work on the track, but I had my own horse for 5 years, up until I moved out here. I listen to country, wear cowboy boots, and drag my hubby to the races at del mar.

For the first time in my life, I am truly happy. I met my knight in shining armor, and I have a bright future to look forward to : )

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