Saturday, June 7, 2014

June Goals

1. Finish my planner. I purchased a printable planner on etsy, and I've printed most of the sheets, but I still need to find a pretty binder!
2. Juice once a week. I am not a juicer, but I do juice. Once a week is a pretty good balance for me.
3. Make meal planning more of an effort. I haven't been too bad about dinner, but I need to start planning breakfast and lunch so I don't have to deal with low blood sugar symptoms so often.
4. Drink more water. I am and always have been terrible about drinking water. If I can just drink one full glass a day every day, that would be good for me. As bad as that sounds.
5. Enjoy my last summer in San Diego. I just realized that this is my last. summer. in. S.D.!!
1. Talk to my advisor/ finish my school schedule. Done! Three more classes!
2. Spring CleanI've decided theres no point in spring cleaning when I have to clean it from top to bottom in three months anyway. Our deposit is over $1000, and you bet your bottom I'm going to get a majority of that back.
3. Workout twice a week. For the first three weeks of May, I went to the gym twice and did a workout at home once each week. But the last week, Caden was sick and I had a 45 page paper due on Saturday, so we stayed home. This week was out of my control, so I'm calling it a success!
4. Family pictures! FAIL. Chris and I both read the groupon wrong, and it expired at the beginning of May!

What are your goals this month? Any big plans for the summer?

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  1. Great goals! I have a few similar ones like juicing and meal planning. And we will be visiting San Diego in a few weeks although I don't know that it feels like summer in June…but we're hoping for good weather.