Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stockpile: Then and Now

Two years ago, I started couponing and trying to save money on our grocery bill, since California is outrageously expensive. And, like any good bargain hunter, I am always a tad proud of my 'stockpile.'

The beginning

As you can see, the vitamin water was running low.. When that happens, I always keep my fingers crossed for a sale to pop up!
Buy 10 (on sale), get 5 free? Yes please!
I love my vitamin water.. And it was even worse when I was prego.
In 2011, thanks to my stockpiling and couponing, I saved $1000 on our grocery bill. I didn't keep a record last year, since hubs when on deployment and I moved back home, but this year I'm hoping to beat my record. That being said, we now have a new stockpile...
Formula is a money pit.. and of course my son has expensive taste and has to have the most expensive brand. (I blame it on the hospital since they were the reason I had to supplement, and this is what they gave me!) So anytime I have a coupon or a deal, we buy the max, since baby boy goes through one box every 5 days.
It's funny, the things that a baby changes around the house, even a stockpile...

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