Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters

36 weeks
Dear Hubby, yesterday we went to Home depot to get the very last piece of the cradle that you have been refinishing. We then walked out of the store with the side panel leaning against the register.. I know how proud you were of all the work you put into our son's cradle and am so sad that you won't be able to give it to him. Dear Jack, I think you somehow know that you won't be the only baby of the house for much longer because you are even more attached to us.. If that is even possible. Dear $40 Mini Sewing Machine, Thank you for going above and beyond the expectations I had for you! One sheet, one blanket, and one changing pad cover down.. Two more sheets and a blanket to go. And a crib skirt? And curtains? How much sewing can I get done in two weeks? Dear Baby-in-my-Belly, you won't be in there for much longer! Boy, am I excited to meet you!


  1. oh you have the cutest baby bump! how special that your husband got to hand-craft/sand the don't hear about that sort of thing everyday—love that! PS i'm super impressed with your sewing skills..way to go!

    have a happy weekend!!

  2. You're an adorable pregnant lady! :D

  3. What a cute baby bump! Your baby is due so soon, how exciting for you. Also, you look great in that dress.

    How awesome is sewing! I love to sew too, but rarely have time at the moment.