Friday, August 3, 2012

friday's letters

He was sleeping so awkwardly on my body pillow, I had to take a picture

Dear Baby Boy, You are really growing now! I'm sorry you feel squished, but you can't push my ribs out any farther! I'm starting to think your half vampire and going to just break them in half any day now.
Dear Accounting 201, please be nice to me. I haven't faced accounting in two and a half years, but will start this class on Monday. We didn't have a good relationship the first time, so I don't know how its going to work when we take it to the next level.
Dear Jack,  I guess you decided that you needed one more spot because one morning you woke up with a new one on your back. Or maybe your trying to tell me that you just pretend that you don't like baths because it appeared two days after your last bath.
Dear husband, is this deployment almost over?



  1. aw congrats on your baby!!

    Happy a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  2. Your pup is so adorable. I have noticed that they seem to appear on my bulldog overnight.