Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi there blogger world. I have a perfectly good explanation about why I have been MIA, and the first of which is a big, exciting announcement..

I'm expecting!!

I'm more than expecting, I'm 22 weeks prego with a lively baby boy. So, why did I take so long to share the amazing news? Well, I planned from the beginning to wait until after the first trimester to tell the world, because of the high miscarriage rates until that point. At my first appointment, I was at a higher rate for miscarriage because of a hemmorhage on my uterus and didn't get the okay that it had cleared until after the first trimester mark, and by that time my husband was coming home in a few weeks so I decided to hold it in a little longer so we could share the news together. Hubby came home over a month ago, we told our friends (I couldn't hide it from family), and posted our announcement on facebook. Since my hubby was home for less than a month weeks in between underways, I forgot about the rest of the world and focused only on us. Our crazy schedule didn't help either, let me demonstrate:
I drove to San Diego on a Friday morning, the day after the ship pulled in because Chris had duty. We stayed in a crappy hotel until Tuesday, went to a doctors appointment (where Chris got to see the baby!) and drove back to Phoenix. Hubby took 10 days of leave, drove back to San Diego on a monday afternoon, went to work on tuesday, and drove back to Phoenix that night. He took 4 days of special leave (for being sailor of the year!) and flew back to San Diego Saturday night to make it in time for duty the next morning. I stayed in Phoenix while Chris stayed on the ship for the next week for work, and then flew back to Phoenix friday night. THEN we left for San Diego at 2 am to make it in time for my ultrasound at 9 am. Yes, I have that sweet of a husband that he insisted on flying down and doing the driving for me since I get so uncomfortable doing the drive myself. We spent 4 days together before yet another underway, and I made the last trip back to Phoenix.

Whew, if you got through that, thanks for sticking around!

I can't explain what a blessing this baby is, and I can't wait to share our journey!

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