Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reasons I Love Myself


Yesterday was my 24th birthday..Twenty four.. In honor of my birthday, and the 12x30 love challenge, here are 24 things I love about myself!

I love my...
1. petite frame- I'm putting this one at the top because I've struggled with whether I love this characteristic of mine or not, but at the end of the day it is part of what makes me who I am. 
2. long hair
3. intelligence 
4. stubbornness.
5. need to protect those I care about. 
6. motherly instincts
7. perfectionism
8. shyness around new people. 
9. good listening skills 
10. fast metabolism 

I love that I...
11. chose to marry my best friend at 19
12. chose to have a child when I was 21
13. took time off of school to figure my life out and ended up going back for the degree I originally planned for
14. am content being a stay at home mom
15. am willing to go back to work to help save for our dream home
I love that I can...
16. Bake
17. Cook
18. Meal plan and somewhat coupon
19. Manage my family's finances
20. Act like I know what I am doing in the gym
21. Sew
22. Ride a horse
23. Play cars, trucks, and superheroes
24. Make any 'owie' better with a single kiss

What do you love about yourself?


  1. I love this! Those are all such wonderful things to love about yourself. Writing a list of the things you love about yourself or that make you happy is such a great way to practice self-love.

  2. Stopped by from Angie's. I love these lists. Nice reminder to focus on the things I actually do like about myself.