Monday, October 14, 2013


I wouldn't say that I have road rage, but I would say that I really despise ignorant drivers. Please, read on to see to if any of the below apply to you.

To the drivers getting on to the freeway: For the most part, you all have California license plates, so you can't use the excuse that the on-ramps in San Diego are crazy short and come from all over the place, because your used to it. That being said, you don't have the right to just drive straight and expect other people to take care of you coming into the next lane without anyone getting hurt. If I'm already on the freeway, chances are that I've been driving a constant speed for sometime. You, the one getting on the freeway, is the one responsible for looking left (or right, these crazy CA freeways) and either speeding up to get in front of me or slowing down to get behind me. Your job. Not mine.

While I'm on the subject of switching lanes, to the drivers who don't use your blinkers: Is is really that hard? Auto manufacturers really put a lot of thought into blinkers... They put them right next to the steering wheel, and made it so that the direction you flip it is the same direction that you turn. Amazing, right?

To the drivers who ride my ass even though I have a "baby on board" sticker on my trunk: Can you read? If it weren't for the precious cargo in my backseat (oh yeah, can you read?) I would love nothing more than for you to have to explain how you rear-ended my car, you asshole.

To the drivers who think their car is so awesome that they need to park in two spaces: Oh, is that a new dent in your car? Wait, how did you get that if you made sure that no other car could park next to you?


I'm not the most perfect driver. I've been pulled over a couple times for speeding or driving too close behind someone on the freeway, I've ran into a couple things, and I've even drifted my car around a turn. But, at least I'm not one of the ignorant people who ended up on my list : )

This post was inspired by all the dumb drivers in California, as well as my husband, who received not one, but two, California speeding tickets in the past six months. And the same husband who made my day by parking next to the bright-yellow-camaro-who-took-up-two-spaces-at-the-end-of-the-parking-lot and forced me to get out of the car inches away from the driver still sitting in his car.


  1. What a long rant about drivers. I do agree as most people in the UK drive like that and it REALLY bugs me when they park in 2 spaces. Can they clearly not see that the BIG CHUNKY WHITE LINES mark out the space for them, its not that hard surely?

    Anyway great post hun :) x

  2. Gah, I despise ignorant drivers also. hate it when they do not use blinkers and then cut you off and then get mad at you. haha. not a fan also of when they take up multiple parking spots! Got to love those noobs! haha