Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mom Fail

On Tuesday, I could tell Caden wasn't feeling well. His temperature was only a degree or two higher than normal, so I just figured he was teething since his first tooth broke through on Sunday and gave him some tylenol and extra love.

That night, it took Caden two hours to fall asleep. He wasn't really crying, just fussing, so Hubs and I thought it was teething and checked in on him every 10-20 minutes. He woke up at 1 am, and Chris went and put Caden's binky back in his mouth, and he fell asleep for only 10 minutes, so I got up with him. When he wouldn't go back to sleep, I thought he was just needy since he didn't feel good and brought him into bed with me. He picked his head up to look at daddy twice but went right to sleep for an hour or two, and then he started letting out cries in his sleep. When Chris woke up at 3:45, I got up to make Caden a bottle even though we had been sleeping through the night for the past week, and Chris changed his diaper. We then realized why he had been so upset- he had a diaper full of diarrhea. I felt so bad.. Why didn't I think to check his diaper when he wouldn't go back to sleep?

Not surprisingly, Caden had terrible diaper rash all day. We kept him covered in cream after every diaper change and gave him a bath in the tummy tub with baking soda, which seemed to help a little. That night, Chris put Caden to bed, and we ate dinner right away. When Caden wasn't asleep after we finished, I went into his room to check on him. This time, I made sure to check his diaper and of course, diarrhea. While I was changing his dirty diaper, I realized that this was probably what happened the night before, the reason it took him so long to fall asleep and why his diaper rash was worse than it ever had been. That means that he sat in a dirty diaper for 8 hours. I felt so so so horrible (and still do).

Last night, Caden slept through the night except for whining for less than 5 minutes at 5:30. I didn't check on him since I normally wait 5 minutes to see if he will put himself back to sleep, but he had a dirty diaper when we woke up at 6:30, so of course I felt horrible. When will I start feeling like a good mom again? Not until this diaper rash goes away, thats for sure.

I have to add some humor here somewhere..

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