Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding venue

When I starting looking for a venue, I was shocked at the prices. Did I mention that we are paying for the wedding ourselves, therefore making it a budget wedding?

Anyway, I eventually found the perfect location:

It's called Chapel at the farmhouse- how cute is that? We are going to have both the ceremony and reception here (huge money saver). The old farmhouse look is going to go perfect with our country theme. I loooooove it. The hubby and I even went and looked at a venue here on the base that overlooks the bay- its gorgeous, but not how I envisioned my wedding. Instead, I'm going with my country roots : )

These are pictures I took with my camera when my mom and I went to take a look, but the ones on their website from actual weddings are beautiful. I can't wait to see it done up with all my own touches!


  1. It looks so cute! I saw your baking blog too! You're really talented and I love the sailor hat cupcakes :D where do you get all your fondant and gum paste?

  2. Thanks! I get gumpaste mix from Michaels. Its a lot of work to make, but its cheaper than the premade stuff. I also have a bunch of fondant from Michaels, but I found that the Wilton fondant is really hard, so I've started getting another brand from a local cake supply store thats easier to work with.